Project M

40 creatives + Frankfurt and Offenbach, Germany = diverse discoveries

Project M is an intensive summer program designed to inspire young graphic designers, writers, photographers and other creative people that their work can have a positive and significant impact on the world.

Why I chose Project M:
In their words:

"THINKING WRONG: The human brain tends to think along pre-determined linear thought pathways. Such linear thinking can inhibit true innovation and creative exploration. Project M will encourage, and provide techniques for, “thinking wrong” to generate new ideas and design directions to challenge the status-quo."

On August 12th, 2010 I departed to Farnkfurt, Germany to meet up with around 39 other creatives. For two weeks we engaged ourselves in the local people and surroundings; biked the beautiful streets, brainstormed a ton, and created. We lived in a pop-up "container city" with bathrooms, heaters and a great view of the Rhein Main River. There we also had huge rooms to work and brainstorm in. The city was generous enough to let us borrow 3-speed street bikes for the two weeks, with that we went as far as we could to meet people and experience both Offenbach and Frankfurt.

Those two weeks offered me what I have been searching for all my life without knowing it, adventure! I was pleasantly overwhelmed with some of the greatest people I will ever meet, all of them influencing me in inspirational ways. I broke my shell and hit the ground running. As I walked down the streets of Offenbach for the first time, my rolling suitcase loudly hit the uneven sidewalk and my heart raced, I knew something great was about to happen—something life changing.

I learned to create ideas and then kill them, then generate more! With all the energy from the people and place, everything we concepted was magic. Some ideas didn't work and we were frustrated, but then some sparked a light in our minds and hearts. I had the time of my life and I am 110% a better person and designer.

Thank you Project MGermany and John Bielenberg