LexisNexis is moving the field of law forward as the sponsor of professional trailblazers. We introduced a new brand positioning to the public for the first time at the LegalTech conference through the concept of “unprecedented”. We showcased famous moments in history to inspire participants to  #BeUnprecedented in their own lives and careers—to push the boundaries, challenge the status quo, and shape history, not just cite it.

My role

Liquid Agency


We are proud to say that our goal to empower LexisNexis and their lawyers was a great success:

“[The Firsts Wall] is a great idea. It makes people think about pushing for the next big idea.”

“Clever! What a neat idea.”

“It’s refreshing to see marketing that is about the customer, not about the company and product.”

“Lexis has been around for a long time. This makes me think: what are they going to bring us in the next 20 years?”

“I saw the [entrance] banner when I came in and thought ‘wow, how cool.’ I really like it – it makes me think.”

“I saw it [Firsts Wall] yesterday and wanted to write something. But I really wanted to think about my response, so I came back today.”

“It’s fun to see the comments [on the Firsts Wall].


“It’s a big, bold idea.”

“This is the type of things we should be doing. We should be leading. We should be innovating. We should be inspiring [our customers].”

“This is the type of stuff [Firsts Wall] I like. It’s different, engaging. Not boring.”

“I absolutely love it!”


“In particular, The Oath is very strong.” (U.K.)

“This is the kind of creative that I like: it’s clean, in simple language and visceral.” (U.K.)

“It tows the right psychological line – it has the right amount of motivational aspect.” (U.K.)

“It’s brilliant!” (U.S)

“This is the kind of campaign I could use for my market.”  (Australia)

“I think it’s fantastic. In fact, I would want to push it even more and use provocative imagery.” (Australia)

“Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (U.S. employee emailing after seeing the photos)