Nick Kyrgio, an Australian tennis pro, is anything but your typical tennis player. He's best known for his unpredictable behavior on the court, resulting in racquet slams and walking out mid match. However passionate or crazy he can be, we can all agree that he is a talented young athlete who is also well known for unique skillful shots and rising to the top without a couch. With all that said, Kyrgios is like the weather, difficult to predict :)

For the Australian Open we created five key visuals to be used as live reactions to Kyrgios during his matches. Each visual were illustrated and animated to showcase the weather surrounding his place in the match.

My role
I collaboratively concepted and designed the key visuals. Throughout Melbourne, Australia we installed posters and utilized digital boards for animation. I created the layouts and construction of each poster and our amazing art director Bertrand Fleuret did all the illustrations.

Wieden + Kennedy