Audrey Ducas is a fiber artist who makes beautifully intricate jewelry and tapestries. Audrey is a well traveled French, Oregon based artist who creates work that is derived from her worldly experiences. Each piece I photographed was unique in the beads she chose, the fibers she weaved with and the metals used.

The inspiration for the shoot stems from Audrey’s improvised approach that takes from nature, place and cultural influences from her travels. Audrey’s work is amazingly detailed—I approached each photo with the intent of capturing her abstract and detailed approach. The lighting and props sets the mood of each piece to offer the viewer a personable look into what Audrey creates.

Photography is a hobby of mine that mostly takes me to the streets where I like to photograph people. My work with Audrey was the first time I photographed product. I am very lucky to have had my first product photoshoot with Audrey and her stylist Lindsey Haines of Buho Design + Co. Together we created expressive scenes that told the story of Audrey’s work, her process and showcased her vibrant personality.

Learn more about Audrey and her work at Jungalow.